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If you're looking for immediate assistance, please give us a call at +1 (800) 472-5569.

If you're looking to complete a Vendor Survey or confirm an aspect of our Quality Management System (QMS), then please ask our Quality Assurance team or your sales person. Some vendor survey information is available here in our FAQ document. If you have quality questions, then please reach out to our QA team at +1 (800) 472-5569 or email as well as viewing our Quality page.


Sales and Customer Support:
Quality Assurance:


Sales, Forging, & Round Product
444 Wilson St
Tipton, IN 46072
HQ Office & Flat Product
1985 E 500 N
Windfall, IN 46076
Billing PO Box
Post Office Box 40
Tipton, IN 46072

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Residing in the 'Heartland of America,' High Performance Alloys (HPA) has superb positioning for shipping domestically! Located in the cold rolled (glacially formed), calm farm lands of central Indiana. High Performance Alloys is centrally located in the United States of America: which is usually a three day transit to anywhere in the contiguous United States. Both of our locations, Tipton and Windfall, are a short drive apart averaging fifteen minutes.

Please request a tour, and we will accommodate your visit!

Main Hours (8am - 8pm EST)

Headquarters: 8am - 5pm EST
Sales Offices: 8am - 8pm EST (West Coast: 5pm PST)

Tipton Production
First Shift: 7am - 3pm EST
Second Shift: 3pm - 11pm EST

Windfall Production
First Shift: 8am - 5pm EST

Phone & Fax Numbers
Toll Free (U.S. only):

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